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Certificado de Registro – EU Citizens only

Or Residencia as you probably know it

As an EU citizen without a Residencia you are not legally entitled to stay in Spain more than 90 days. It is the document certifying the registration in the Central Register of Foreigners of citizens of a Member State of the European Union or of another State party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area who will reside in Spain for a period of more than three months.

This is a document printed on green paper (used to be A4 size but is now credit-card sized) which is known by a range of names, including green certificate, green card, green NIE, residencia. It is, though, a registration certificate properly called a Certificado de Registro which is provided by the police to residents who comply with the legal requirement of registering with the police as a foreigner living in Spain. THE CERTIFICADO DE REGISTRO IS THE ONLY THING THAT PROVES LEGAL RESIDENCE.

You must apply within the 3 months after arrival.

Applying for Residencia does not lose you any of your rights as a British Passport holder.

Registering with the Central Register

In Lanzarote, the place to register is at the Delegación de Gobierno – Unidad de Extranjería  office in Arrecife.

What you need to take

You have always to attach the following documents:

Passport or other identity document (not expired)
Official form (EX-18), two copies, filled and signed by the UE national.
In addition, you will have to attach other documents, depending on your situation:

salaried workers – your contract of employment or other proof of your employment status.
self-employed workers – proof of registration in the register of economic activities (censo de actividades económicas) or other proof of your employment status.
not in employment in Spain? 

Proof of:
(i) health cover valid in Spain and
(ii) sufficient means to support yourself and your family.

Pensioners – provide proof of public health cover.

Students –
(i) proof of your registration in an educational establishment,
(ii) proof of public or private health cover and
(iii) formal declaration that you have sufficient means to support yourself during your stay.

Older residence certificates are larger (A4 size) but are still valid. You do not need to apply for a credit-card-sized certificate unless your circumstances change (for example your address) or unless you want to.

After you have been registered as a resident for five years, you can apply for a certificate of permanent residence in Spain. You will be issued with a similar credit card size Residence Certificate, but it will additionally state that you are a permanent resident (residente permanente).

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