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Get more by doing less in Lanzarote

Everyone needs a little help now and again. Whether you are a resident of Lanzarote already or just planning your move here, there will probably come a time when you don’t know how to make the next move. That’s where I come in!

Maybe you need assistance with paperwork, translation help at an appointment, business start-up advice or general questions about relocation. Whatever it is I’m here to help you.

The help I can provide.


Navigating the Spanish paperwork system can be a bit of a minefield. Working with me to get the paperwork right first time means that your process will be as smooth as possible, whether you are applying for your TIE or Residencia, changing vehicle documents, utilities setup/transfer or opening a bank account.

Virtual consultations

Ideal for those of you who are not yet on the island but maybe have a range of questions you need help with and you'd rather do it chatting to a friendly face. Giving you the chance to chat and take notes from the comfort of your own home.

translations services

Translation isn't only about the right words it's also about the right way of saying something and the correct interpretation. What better way to assist your communication than with a native speaker who has a full understanding of the local culture.

Relocation advice

Moving home is stressful enough but moving to a new country can seem daunting. Having me by your side to help and support you through each step of the process in a clear, concise and friendly way will prove invaluable. I can assist with house hunting, school selection, administrative services and much more no matter where you are moving from.

Healthcare access

Did you know access to the Spanish healthcare system is possible for residents or those registered with the local authority (Padrón) for only 60€ a month? In addition to assisting you with this, I can also provide confidential translation services for medical appointments in Lanzarote or on one of the other islands.

Business Start-up

You may have the greatest business idea in the world but if you don't get things right from the start it could all amount to nothing, as you become embroiled in the local bureaucracy. I can help you via my extensive network of contacts. For accompanied meetings, introducing contacts or even arranging appointments before you arrive in Lanzarote.

Sworn translations

A Sworn Translator is someone who is authorised by the Foreign Office to translate official documents. A sworn translation can also be called a public, legal, official or certified translation. It's advisable to have documents translated in Spain and I can provide the services of a Sworn Translator for you.

Spanish Wills

Do you need a Spanish will if you own a property in Spain? The short answer is yes. If you own property, have a bank account, a car or other assets in Spain, you need to write a Spanish Will. It does not matter whether you are Non-Resident or Resident, it is important to have a separate Will. This is a Will prepared and registered in Spain, covering just your assets in Spain.

Hear from my clients...

...and now a little about me

I’m very proud of my relationship with my clients, many of which I have worked with for several years. I feel their words are worth more to you as a potential client than listening to me wax lyrical about why you should choose me!

Along with their words above, I would add how much I enjoy being a bridge between cultures in many day-to-day situations as I support and help these wonderful people who have trusted me.


Cutting through your doubts to deal with what's important to you.

Don’t spend any more time worrying over something we can work through together.

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